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Unbelievably it's been three years since we were making casting announcements for the claustrophobic indie horror LIVE-IN FEAR.  The weight has been mighty but very soon we'll be running the ruler over it to see if Brandon Scullion's movie lives up to the anticipation.

Following up on the five-star review of the killer-clown, told narrative slasher SPLASH AREA we get down and dirty in rural Norn Iron for George Clarke's most ambitious and atmospheric film yet -THE BLOOD HARVEST.

Francesco Francavilla's cover work on Dynamite's SHAFT is wonderful.  His BATMAN 1972 is nothing short of genius.  We check out his 4-part 30's inspired superhero comic THE BLACK BEETLE: NO WAY OUT!

James Franco gets down and dirty with the lost children of the Disney Club in SPRING BREAKERS.

and John Waters' MULTIPLE MANIACS... we don't have to sell you that one... that one sells itself.

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